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Few things are as iconic as Britain’s legendary WWII Spitfire aircraft and now, thanks to a Mk26 replica stationed in Perth, you can have your very own flypast at an accessible price.   
Our Mk26 Spitfire replica is available for flypasts and displays for public or private events, anniversaries and special occasions, promotional work, exhibitions, and TV & film production.


We provide simple flypasts and displays either as a single item, or part of a larger event. Depending upon the location and details, a display licence from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) may be required, which we will secure. It’s important to note that the CAA request 42 days advance notice. If a CAA permission is required, this will add £150 Whilst there to entertain and show the aircraft off to its best, safety and adherence to rules of the air means that some locations are not suitable for air displays.

Our Spitfires have participated in many public event displays and shared airspace with some of the most iconic planes of our generation.
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Iain’s passion for flying started in childhood and after a trail lesson from Dundee airport,  age 14, he was hooked. Born in Fife, he grew up in Auchenblae, a village in the North East of Scotland. He then studied Engineering at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. He flew with the University Air Squadron, going first solo in a Bulldog, before embarking on a career in the energy industry. Iain is a recreational pilot, with 500 hours flying experience, 150 hours of which are in his Spitfire.


“The 100 plus people were all enthralled by the Spitfire air display, the image of those evocative elliptical wings silhouetted against the sky is a memory we will cherish and a perfect close for this private service.”
RW July 2022
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