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Iain’s passion for flying started in childhood and after a trail lesson from Dundee airport,  age 14, he was hooked. Born in Fife, he grew up in Auchenblae, a village in the North East of Scotland. He then studied Engineering at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. He flew with the University Air Squadron, going first solo in a Bulldog, before embarking on a career in the energy industry. Iain is a recreational pilot, with 500 hours flying experience, 150 hours of which are in his Spitfire.

He has also been privileged enough to fly an original WWII Spitfire over the south coast of England, which he describes as looking “just as good upside down”.


As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Iain has worked around the world, including seven years in Australia. It was here Iain learnt of the Spitfire kit. Despite resisting initially, he eventually committed to one in 2004 and two years later after 2000 man hours and under the capable direction and assistance of Peter Hanbury, a plane was born.   


Highly regarded for his business credentials as well as his expert drilling knowledge, Iain now lives in Perth, UK, where he is an active member of both business and aviation communities,  and is a  member of the Perth Aero Club.


When family and work commitments allow, he enjoys few things more than flying over the beautiful Scottish landscape, which he describes as his “escape to relaxation!” “Entertaining at air shows doesn’t have the same relaxation value, but is equally as rewarding” states Iain.


As well as flying the replica Spitfire Iain delivers an extremely entertaining talk to groups and students about his journey from the initial idea, the inability to kill it off, kit purchase, buyers regret, then planning for success to turn so many components into an aircraft, how you learn to fly an aircraft that you can’t get instruction on and then the fear and elation of that first flight.


He compares the replica specification with that of the original and describes what it’s like to be Pilot in charge of an original WWII Spitfire doing 350 mph at 200 feet along the beach.

Buckle up for what has been described as a fascinating talk on recognising your weaknesses, playing to your strengths and giving an uncompromising approach to managing risk whether it be safety or the wrath of a long suffering, exceptionally supportive spouse!


He reminds the listener that although we miss many of the shots we do take, more importantly we miss all of the shots we don’t take. Iain describes all of his best experiences in life so far that have originated from what appeared to be the least sensible options.

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