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We provide simple fly pasts and displays either as a single item, or part of a larger event. Depending upon the location and details, a display licence from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) may be required, which we will secure. It’s important to note that the CAA request 42 days advance notice. If a CAA permission is required, this will add £150 Whilst there to entertain and show the aircraft off to its best, safety and adherence to rules of the air means that some locations are not suitable for air displays.

Our Spitfires have participated in many public event displays and shared airspace with some of the most iconic planes of our generation.


Prices vary depending upon:

  1. type of event: fly past or display

  2. Whether CAA permission is required

  3. Distance from Perth


For guidance, prices for events within 50 miles of Perth, start at £300 for a simple fly past not requiring CAA permission. A short display with CAA permission is £500. Costs can be provided upon request for other areas and activities.

No charge will be levied if the flypast is cancelled due to weather.

CAA flight permit (non refundable)

All charges are plus VAT


To arrange a booking please contact Iain via on 07792 599960 or complete the contact form.

NB availability is limited

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