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The Spitfire is an iconic British aircraft. Produced in greater numbers than any other combat plane before or after the War, the Spitfire fought in every operation and remained on the RAF front line service from 1938 to 1954.


The Mk26 Spitfire is 80% scale replica, based on the MK V. The aircraft was built in Perth, Western Australia and first flew in 2006, before being shipped to the UK, when its owner returned in 2007. With a wing span of 27’ 8” (8.43m) this all aluminium two seater is a similar size to a the popular Cessna training aircraft. In place of Rolls Royce’s V12 27 litre Merlin or 37 litre Griffon engines, this aircraft is fitted with a Franklin six cylinder, horizontally opposed, air cooled aviation engine and a three blade constant speed German MT propeller. Maximum speed is 225 mph (193 kts or 350 kph). 

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